Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Overview

Eyelid surgery, medically called blepharoplasty, surgically removes excess skin and possibly fat tissue from the upper or lower eyelids to give your eyes a wider, fresher, well rested appearance. Age, heredity, and sun damage can contribute to heavy eyelids. Droopy and puffy eyelids with lots of wrinkles can make you look more tired and much older than you actually feel.

Our eyes tend to be our most interesting and the most expressive facial feature. Our eyes often reveal how we feel about our inner vitality and even conditions of health. Heavy eyelids not only make us look tired and haggard, but they tend to cause fatigue making activities like reading or working at a computer more challenging. Blepharoplasty can alleviate the physical weariness caused by heavy eyelids while enhancing the beauty of your eyes.

When you use 1800mySurgeon, you are assured of making an informed decision because all of our Board-Certified Surgeons are prescreened and continually monitored. The qualified patient coordinators at 1800mySurgeon are prepared to help you find Board-Certified Surgeons in your area, who specialize in eyelid surgery, or we can provide a background check on any surgeon you choose.

Having Realistic Expectations for Eyelid Surgery

Having realistic expectations about how your looks will change and how those changes will affect your life is important. Disappointment may happen, especially if you believe surgery will fix your life problems, save your marriage or cure depression. Having eyelid surgery will help you look more youthful. Looking younger, vibrant and well rested may boost your self-confidence, but that won’t change who you are or the way other people feel about you.

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Surgeon

Once you’ve made an appointment for a consultation, take the time to prepare a list of questions and concerns you want to address with your prospective surgeon. The consultation is your opportunity to assess the surgeon as much as it is their opportunity to determine your candidacy for the procedure. Take your time, be thorough and know that you are never required to commit to a procedure or a surgeon because you’ve had a consultation, even if the consultation is free.

Eyelid surgery can be done for both the upper and lower lids and are very delicate procedures. Many surgeons have their own style and techniques. You want to make sure that you choose a surgeon whose work you admire and who has experience with blepharoplasty surgery. You will be able to see the outcome of some of their procedures by looking at before-and-after pictures.

This list of information may help you compile your questions and may encourage you to do some further research on the many different aspects of eyelid surgery:

  • Ask about the incisions, where scars will form and if the scars will be visible.
  • Make sure to tell your surgeon if you ever experience dry eyes, pain in your eyes or vision problems.
  • Let your surgeon know of any medications, herbal treatments or vitamins you take, and make sure to get a list of products to avoid before and after your procedure.
  • Eyelid lifts are often combined with other facial surgery procedures. You may want to ask your surgeon about other procedures like a face lift, forehead lift or laser skin resurfacing.

If you’re consulting with a surgeon from 1800mySurgeon, you can rest assured that you will be meeting with a qualified Board-Certified Surgeon. If you already have a surgeon in mind, we can also perform a background check before you schedule your consultation. Most importantly, always trust your instincts during the consultation. The success of your surgery will be based on how you feel about your surgeon, your surgery, your recovery and your result.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Discomfort associated with blepharoplasty is very minimal and usually lasts for no more than 48 hours after surgery. Mild or over-the-counter pain relievers a sufficient for alleviating irritation.

Your eyes might be swollen and bruised after surgery. Be careful applying cold compresses to your eyes, pressure and heaviness from ice cubes can pull at your sutures. Light packs of shaved ice or frozen peas are recommended for reducing swelling around your eyes.

You vision may be temporary blurry due to lubrication applied after surgery. Your eyes may be very sensitive to light, and you may want to wear sunglasses for a while even in doors.

You may experience some tightness of your eyelids and the incision may feel bumpy. You should rest with your head elevated for the first few days after your procedure.

You will need to monitor your blood pressure for a day or two to reduce the risk of excess bleeding which can impair your vision. You will also need to avoid reading, watching television or other activities that may dry your eyes for a few days.

Since incisions are usually made in a natural crease along the eyelid, scars tend to be camouflaged. You should be able to return to normal activities in a few days. You should be able to engage in social activities within 7 to 10 days without any visible signs of the surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Risks

Any surgery carries certain risks and the possibility of complications. Risks for eyelid lifts are very minimal. Some patients may have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia. In very rare cases an infection can occur at the incision site.

It is important to remember that no surgeon can guarantee your satisfaction with a face lift nor can they deny any risk factors. No matter how rarely risks occur, every medical treatment carries a certain amount of risk, and you have to decide for yourself if your potential desired result is worth the risk.

Long Term Results of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid lifts have a remarkably good long term results although the skin around your eyes will continue to age. Taking good care of your eyelid skin, eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water will help prolong your results.

Choosing Your Surgeon

At 1800mySurgeon, we are here to help you make an informed decision. One of the most important aspects for a successful outcome of your procedure is to choose the right surgeon; therefore all of our Board-Certified Surgeons are prescreened and continually monitored. We can help you find Board-Certified Surgeons in your area, who specialize in eyelid lift surgery, or we can provide a background check on any surgeon you choose.