Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are exposed all day, everyday. Just like our faces, hands are one of the first places that show the signs of aging. Hands start to age because of the natural aging process and exposure to sunlight, which cause darkened spots and wrinkles. The loss of fatty tissue also makes the hands look bony and frail. Hand rejuvenation can help restore youth in the hands.

There is an increase in popularity with hand rejuvenation and other cosmetic surgery procedures. It is important for patients to fully research and understand the different procedures, risks, costs, recovery times and other factors. Patients should also keep in mind that cosmetic surgery is irreversible.

There are various techniques used in hand rejuvenation treatments, such as chemical peels, sclerotherapy, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing and injectable fillers. A hand rejuvenation plastic surgeon can give you a better understanding of what each technique entails and which one is best for your needs.

Once you have considered hand rejuvenation or any other cosmetic procedure, it is recommended that you consult with someone with significant experience. Your next step should be to find a surgeon you trust. 1800mySurgeon offers help to locate select Plastic Surgeons that are prescreened and continually monitored. The qualified patient coordinators at 1800mySurgeon are prepared to help you find Hand Rejuvenation Plastic Surgeons in your area or we can provide a background check on any surgeon you choose.