Weight Loss Surgery

Most people believe that the cause of morbid obesity is lack of will power. Some obese people believe this as well and feel hopeless after attempting various weight loss methods including exercise routines, diet programs and diet pills. The truth is that morbid obesity is genetic and very difficult to deal with. Weight loss surgery helps treat this chronic condition by restricting the food intake and/or changing the digestive process. Weight loss surgery is a good option for men and women who are more than 80 pounds overweight.

Once you’ve read about the various weight loss surgery procedures, your next step is to find a plastic surgeon you trust. 1800mySurgeon offers help to locate select Board-Certified Surgeons that are prescreened and continually monitored. The qualified patient coordinators at 1800mySurgeon are prepared to help you find Board-Certified Surgeons in your area or we can provide a background check on any surgeon you choose.

Weight loss surgery includes bariatric procedures for the body such as Duodenal Switch, Realize™ Adjustable Gastric Band, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) and LAP-BAND®. After major weight loss from gastric bypass surgery, many patients experience pockets of excess skin, which can impair normal activities. Body lifting after gastric bypass surgery addresses this issue, by combining various plastic surgeries such as liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift, breast lift and facelift procedures to completely contour the body.

In many cases after weight loss surgery procedures, patients are more inspired to exercise and engage in physical activities. Motivated by results they can see, these successful patients also find it easier to change their eating habits to avoid fatty and cholesterol rich foods improving their overall health and not just their looks. With the help of weight loss surgery and some determination and discipline, achieving your physical goals can finally be a reality.