Tuberous Breast Correction

Tuberous Breast Correction Overview

Women who have breasts that have tubular malformations tend to have Tuberous Breast Correction surgery. Tubular or tuberous breasts look small and tight and have an abnormally narrow breast tissue base. Women with tuberous breasts also tend to have a large areola and a shape that some call “snoopy’s nose”. The breasts get narrower at the bottom and the skin is tight below the nipple. Women who have tuberous breasts typically ask surgeons to bring size and shape to their breasts with a good balance, in order to enhance the appearance of their breasts.

Tuberous Breast Correction is performed by confining the incision to around the nipple. This makes the markings inconspicuous. Other Internal incisions are often created so that the tight breast tissue releases and makes space for an implant. The implant rounds the once narrow part of the breast. A light anesthesia is done since the procedure takes 2-3 hours.

When you use 1800mySurgeon, you are assured of making an informed decision because all of our Tuberous Breast Correction Surgeons are prescreened and continually monitored. The qualified patient coordinators at 1800mySurgeon are prepared to help you find Plastic Surgeons in your area, who specialize in Tuberous Breast Correction procedures, or we can provide a background check on any surgeon you choose.

Having Realistic Expectations for Tuberous Breast Correction

Being honest with yourself about how your body will change and how those changes will affect your life is important. Disappointment may happen, especially if you believe surgery will fix your life problems, save your marriage or cure depression. Having Tuberous Breast Correction surgery will result in shapelier breasts. Shapelier breasts may boost your self-confidence, but that won’t change who you are or the way other people feel about you.

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Surgeon

Once you’ve made an appointment for a consultation, take the time to prepare a list of questions and concerns you want to address with your prospective surgeon. The consultation is your opportunity to assess the surgeon as much as it is their opportunity to determine your candidacy for the procedure. Take your time, be thorough and know that you are never required to commit to a procedure or a surgeon because you’ve had a consultation, even if the consultation is free.

Tuberous Breast Correction differs from breast enhancements such as breast implants or breast enlargement, which will also give breasts a fuller and shapelier appearance. Some surgeons will use different techniques to achieve a successful Tuberous Breast Correction. You want to make sure that you choose a surgeon whose work you admire. You will be able to see the outcome of some of their surgeries by looking at before-and-after pictures. Have the surgeon thoroughly explain their procedure and why they value a certain technique more than others.

Make sure to speak to the anesthesiologist before you schedule a surgery, and inform them of any allergies or reactions you have to any medications. Make sure to tell both your surgeon and the anesthesiologist if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

This list of information may help you compile your questions and may encourage you to do some further research on the many different aspects of Tuberous Breast Correction surgery:

  • Is Tuberous Breast Correction surgery right for me?
  • Will the incision during the surgery leave scars on my breasts?
  • What is the recovery time? How long do I have to refrain from physical activities?
  • What are the potential risks? Will the implants case any potential harm?
  • What are the costs involved in this surgery?

If you’re consulting with a surgeon from, you can rest assured that you will be meeting with a qualified Tuberous Breast Correction surgeon. If you already have a surgeon in mind, our qualified patient coordinators can also perform a background check before you schedule your consultation. Most importantly, always trust your instincts during the consultation. The success of your surgical experience will be based on how you feel about your surgeon, the surgery, your recovery and your result.

Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery Recovery

The typical recovery time after this surgery is 1-2 weeks. It is advised that patients remain in bed rest and drink plenty of fluids. A sore feeling in the chest area is common. This is because of the breast implants. Taking the medication given by your surgeon will be helpful.

You will wear a fitted brassiere the first week after the surgery which you must keep wearing for a month. You will notice higher than normal breasts and this is normal since they will be swollen. As time goes by, the breast implants will settle and your breasts will have a natural appearance. You will be able to return to work after about a week, but keep in mind that you can resume most activities by 3 weeks.

Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery Risks

Any surgical procedure carries certain risks and the possibility of complications, infection, and adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Tuberous Breast Correction can be a lengthy procedure, which increases the risks of complications from anesthesia. Make sure your surgeon addresses all of your questions and concerns to your satisfaction.

During your consultation, you will want to ask your surgeon about the following risks:

  • What are the risks of getting asymmetrical results?
  • What are the chances of exposure or extrusion of the breast implant?
  • Will I lose sensation in my nipples?

It is important to remember that no surgeon can guarantee your satisfaction with Tuberous Breast Correction surgery nor can they deny any risk factors. No matter how rarely risks occur, every surgery carries a certain amount of risk, and you have to decide for yourself if your potential desired result is worth the risk.

Long Term Results of Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery

The look of your breasts will develop slowly as you recover. You will eventually get the round breast look you’ve always wanted. A presentable appearance will come about in several weeks, but they will look their best in about 6 months.

The results of a Tuberous breast correction surgery last for the rest of your life. Your breasts will look enhanced, contoured and proportioned, just the way you’ve always wanted them to be. The size and shape of your areola will improve significantly and you’ll be more confident and comfortable with yourself.

Choosing Your Surgeon

At 1800mySurgeon, we are here to help you make an informed decision. One of the most important aspects for a successful outcome of your procedure is to choose the right surgeon, therefore all of our Tuberous Breast Correction Surgeons are prescreened and continually monitored. We can help you find Plastic Surgeons in your area, who specialize in Tuberous Breast Correction surgery, or we can provide a background check on any surgeon.