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Mini Facelift Doctors

I am 43 years old and have noticed a significant change in my face lately -"drooping jowls". I think I'm too young for a full facelift and heard that "mini" facelifts are an option. How can I find a plastic surgeon in my area that specializes in this procedure? My web searches have been unsuccessful.

I would advise you to interview several surgeons and speak to them about your concerns. Finding a surgeon who has extra training in facial procedures is especially important.
Mini facelifts are certainly an option for someone in their 40s, because that is when you haven’t shown the full signs of facial aging. You would benefit from a little tightening at this young age.
Searching on online forums or other literature on cosmetic surgery would help. Meeting with several surgeons and asking to see before and after pictures of  past procedures, which I think are very valuable.

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