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  • Top Reasons to Get Upper Body Lift Surgery

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    Most women and men find that following their weight loss, they are unhappy with their chest and upper back regions. An upper body lift treats problems such as excess skin on the upper arms, rolls on the ... Read More

  • Your Road to Recovery

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    You can never be prepared enough - especially when it comes to surgery. The road to recovery may seem long and arduous, but with some essential tips, you can help make the road to recovery process smoother. A ... Read More

  • Get A Second Chance With Cosmetic Surgery

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    First impressions don't get a second chance, but with cosmetic surgery, your look can. Looking and feeling great is essential to your health and self-improvement. When aging and unhappiness with the way ... Read More

  • How Well Do You Know Your Plastic Surgeon?

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    Some plastic surgeons practice plastic surgery without having the license and training necessary. In the late 90s, an obstetrician-gynecologist performed liposuction on 3 patients - one died and the other ... Read More

  • Why Should I Quit Smoking Before Surgery?

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    It's no surprise that smoking can cause serious health issues and even death. Not only do smokers expose others to high risk, they could make matters worse by smoking themselves, especially when it comes ... Read More

  • How Is Scarless Breast Reduction Performed?

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    After learning about the scars left behind from traditional breast reduction surgery, many women change their minds about going through with the procedure. With the scarless breast reduction technique, ... Read More

  • Financing the High Price of Beauty

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    Your location, surgeon's expertise, anesthesiologist fees, operating room fees, the length of hospital stay, lab fees, equipment and time required for the procedure. These are some of the factors your ... Read More

  • Do Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Mean the Same Thing?

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    Since these two terms are often used interchangeably, some people wonder - do cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery mean the same thing? Here is a breakdown of both: Cosmetic surgery: Enhancing appearance ... Read More

  • Why Do Teenagers Go Under the Knife?

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    Year after year, the number of teenagers opting for cosmetic surgery procedures is rising. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, teenagers typically ask for rhiniplasty, otoplasty (pinning ... Read More

  • What You Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery Risks

    Date Posted: 11/1/2012
    Thousands of patients undergo cosmetic surgery each year to improve their self-confidence and reverse the signs of aging. If you are about to join the thousands, there are lots of things to consider, ... Read More

  • Body Contouring to Enhance Your Weight Loss

    Date Posted: 7/28/2011
    It is exciting to show off your new body after losing a significant amount of weight. But when you have heavy, left-over skin from your weight loss, it can make it difficult to find clothing to wear and ... Read More

  • Am I A Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

    Date Posted: 4/1/2010
    Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is performed to relieve the discomfort caused by having large, heavy breasts. It is commonly performed on women who suffer pain from large breasts ... Read More

  • Tv Influences Plastic Surgery Decisions

    Date Posted: 1/4/2010
    If you have watched shows like The Swan, Extreme Makeover, Dr. 90210, Miami Slice, or The Biggest Loser, you may be familiar with the life altering effects extreme weight loss and cosmetic surgery have ... Read More

  • Before and After Surgery Photos

    Date Posted: 12/1/2009
    With various plastic surgery options to choose from, you have a lot to evaluate. Among these considerations are finding the right procedure for your needs, funding the cost of surgery, recovery, potential ... Read More

  • Costs of Plastic Surgery

    Date Posted: 12/1/2009
    The cost of plastic surgery is most likely one of the most important variables you consider when it comes to having a procedure. The truth is, costs vary depending on the plastic surgeon you choose, where ... Read More

  • Relax Your Back With Breast Reduction

    Date Posted: 10/28/2009
    Most women with large breasts often live a limited lifestyle. If you are one of them, you might be plagued by chronic neck and back pain, embarrassed by looks you get from others and tired of covering ... Read More

  • Breast Augmentation - Without Scars!

    Date Posted: 6/26/2009
    Scarless breast augmentation has been a wish for many women who have considered increasing the size of their breasts. With Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA), that wish is now a reality. With ... Read More

  • Do You Need A Breast Lift?

    Date Posted: 5/28/2009
    Overly large or sagging breasts can result in neck and shoulder pain, grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, cause skin rashes and menstrual discomfort. It can also cause emotional distress and a feeling ... Read More

  • Breast Augmentation Benefits

    Date Posted: 2/24/2009
    Breast size can be an important part of a woman's appearance and confidence. Small or disproportioned breasts can cause a woman to feel self-conscious and worry about her attractiveness. A breast augmentation ... Read More

  • A Second Chance at Looking Great

    Date Posted: 11/24/2008
    We often don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Thanks to plastic surgery, we can, however, get a second chance to look great. In today’s society, the way you look is important ... Read More

  • Financing Plastic Surgery

    Date Posted: 9/29/2008
    Money is always on a consumer’s mind. Patients are often concerned about the costs of having plastic surgery. Most of them are curious to find out whether or not their health insurance policies ... Read More

  • Plastic Surgery Rewards

    Date Posted: 8/28/2008
    Successful plastic surgery can be a very rewarding experience for patients. It can have psychological benefits, professional advantages, improved health conditions and social gains. The way you look can ... Read More

  • All You Need to Know About Breast Implants

    Date Posted: 6/30/2008
    Educate yourself on different implants, placement options and the way different implants work. Learning about implants beforehand can give you a heads up on what to expect after the surgery.Remember that ... Read More

  • Teens and Plastic Surgery

    Date Posted: 2/8/2008
    Most teens go through an awkward growth phase as they get older and mature. They often turn to plastic surgery so that they can improve the “flawed” physical characteristics of their bodies, ... Read More

  • Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

    Date Posted: 1/22/2008
    Q: What is plastic surgery?   A: Plastic surgery is a medical field that deals with surgery on the skin, face, hands, breasts and other body parts. This surgical specialty reshapes or remolds facial ... Read More

  • The New Year - the New You

    Date Posted: 12/20/2007
    Life’s twists and turns, busy schedules, family responsibilities, catching up at work – all the factors causing you to push back the cosmetic surgery on your agenda. With the New Year upon ... Read More

  • Ethnicity and Cosmetic Surgery

    Date Posted: 12/7/2007
    As more African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and other ethnic groups are going under the knife, plastic surgeons are trying to preserve ethnic identity. According to the American Society ... Read More

  • Smoking and Plastic Surgery

    Date Posted: 12/6/2007
    Over 400,000 people die each year from smoking-related illnesses. Most smokers don’t realize the hazards smoking causes, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. Regular smokers, those exposed ... Read More

  • Doctor Consultation Tips

    Date Posted: 12/6/2007
    Once you have decided to have plastic surgery and have found a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, your next step is to have consultation. A consultation is an important opportunity which allocates time ... Read More

  • How to Choose A Plastic Surgeon

    Date Posted: 11/11/2007
    Plastic surgery is rapidly growing in popularity. More and more people are turning to plastic surgery to change their lifestyle and feel good, both inside and out. As this field is on the rise, it becomes ... Read More

  • Starting Your Journey: Planning for Surgery

    Date Posted: 11/11/2007
    You’ve had plastic surgery on your mind for a while. The only thing holding you back is the confusion of choosing the right procedure, finding a trusted plastic surgeon and just simply how to plan ... Read More

  • Plastic Surgeon Qualifications

    Date Posted: 11/11/2007
    Plastic surgery deals with reconstruction, repair or replacement of physical defects on various parts of the body. A plastic surgeon needs to be competent, highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to ... Read More

  • Perky Breasts, Less Scars

    Date Posted: 9/12/2006
    Cosmetic procedures are constantly evolving. Education, information, and surgeons’ passing on their findings of which techniques work and which don’t allow the patient to benefit directly. Marina ... Read More

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