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Bringing Youth Back to Aging Eyes

Your eyes are vital to your physical appearance since they are often the first thing people notice when they look at you. Any change to your eyes, such as getting rid of sagging, wrinkles and bags, can significantly improve your overall look.

Genetics and aging play a big role in the bagginess we get on our upper and lower eyelids. When that happens, you may feel that your youth is replaced with a tired, old look. Even if the rest of your face still looks young, your eyes will show the signs of aging, which can take the focus off those other areas.

With age, the skin on the eyelids lose elasticity, which causes them to stretch and sag. The crease on the upper eyelid begins to fade away and the eyelid sometimes droops all the way down past the eyelashes, at times impairing vision.

Upper eyelid surgery can get rid of excess skin and fat on the eyelid and lift it. The excess fat can be used to give plumpness other areas of the eyelid or smooth wrinkles.

Sagging Brows
Aging can bring sagginess to the brow, making the brow hang low. Some people report that sagging brows give them an angry look.

A brow lift is a great solution for raising the brow and removing excess skin, while tightening the muscles in the forehead.

Under-Eye Bags and Sagging
Puffiness and sagging under the eyes is caused by weakened skin, muscles and fat deposits.

Lower eyelid surgery tightens the muscles in the lower eyelid and removes excess fat, leaving the eyelid looking shapelier and smoothed out.

Fine lines and wrinkles
Years of sun damage, pollution, dryness, and squinting of the eyes all make a difference in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Injectable fillers such as BOTOX® can relax the muscles, reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen and remove fine lines.

Since each person is unique, it is best to consult with a Board-Certified Surgeon. A surgeon can examine your skin and facial structure and inform you of your specific needs. Some procedures may be performed in conjunction with others so that the best results are achieved. 

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