Study suggests cryolipolysis is a safe way to get rid of inches

Study suggests cryolipolysis is a safe way to get rid of inches
Study suggests cryolipolysis is a safe way to get rid of inches

Today, people are constantly looking for shortcuts that will enable them to eliminate unwanted body fat for a slimmer physique. While diet and exercise are essential aspects of these efforts, there are cases in which a person needs some extra help to reach their goals.

Many consumers have been eager to take advantage of the latest supplements and procedures in order to drop pounds faster when they've hit a plateau. In fact, a new report from Markets and Markets revealed that the worldwide weight loss and obesity management market was worth $265 billion last year. North America holds the largest market for these products and services across the globe, followed by Europe and Asia.

According to Markets and Markets, the industry has continued to grow due to several major factors: rising obesity problems, more disposable income and expanded awareness about health-related issues. The report noted that with advancements in medicine and technology, there are now a number of surgeries that can have a dramatic impact in helping a person to lose weight, such as liposuction, gastric bypass and ultrasonic therapy. Some of the latest surgeries are also less invasive, such as LAP BAND, StomaphyX and cryolipolysis.

The cryolipolysis advantage
Whenever a new type of plastic surgery emerges, there are always questions as to whether it's safe. Recent research by plastic surgeons in Southern California found that not only is cryolipolysis a low-risk procedure, but it's also been successful in helping people to get rid of body fat. Cryolipolysis was first introduced in 2010, and the popularity of the procedure has been rapidly rising with 823 percent more cases in 2010 than two years prior. In the study, 528 patients were treated with one of these machines at the same practice between January 2010 and December 2012. By the end of the study, there were only three cases of mild to moderate pain, all of which were easily addressed.

"Our review showed that cryolipolysis is not only safe and effective for nonsurgical, localized fat removal, but also provides high patient satisfaction levels," said lead author Grant Stevens of Marina Del Rey, Calif. "With careful treatment planning, proper applicator placement and multiple treatment cycles, cryolipolysis can produce results comparable to those of liposuction."

While the majority (62 percent) of the study's participants had never sought any cosmetic surgeries prior to this one, 40 percent of them became repeat clients. In fact, many of these first-timers went on to receive not only more surgeries, but also nonsurgical injectable treatments, skin resurfacing and laser hair removal.

For individuals that need to trim fat faster than a diet or new fitness regime can support, a traditional liposuction procedure or one of these more advanced surgeries could be immensely beneficial.