These celebs are proud of their plastic surgery

Melanie Griffith has had collagen injections.
Melanie Griffith has had collagen injections.

Some people who undergo plastic surgery prefer to keep it a big secret. They ask their board-certified cosmetic surgeons to make subtle changes to their bodies, and when it comes time for recovery from plastic surgery, they prefer to do so quietly at home with the help of a few trusted family members and friends, rather than announcing it to the world. Then there are others who are more than proud of their now looks. Quite a few famous faces have come forward and proudly announced their plastic surgery procedures, according to The Huffington Post.

Sexy and I know it
Ashlee Simpson wasn't always upfront about her choice to go under the knife. Rumors about her rhinoplasty surgery started swirling back in 2006, and initially she refused to discuss the matter. But later on, she talked about how unhappy she had been with the way her nose looked, which is why she sought out the services of a professional cosmetic surgeon.

Actress Tori Spelling also admitted to having rhinoplasty surgery. However, she added that when she lost weight, it wasn't due to liposuction – she did that on her own.

If you're considering a Mommy Makeover, then you may be encouraged to know that some of today's starlets decided to undergo plastic surgery after having kids. Actress Melanie Griffith made that choice back in 1991, when she got a breast lift and collagen injections after giving birth to her second child.

The real deal
If you want to see evidence of celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery, look no further than reality TV. JWoww of Jersey Shore fame came out and said she had a breast augmentation procedure to enhance the size of her bosom. Both Kris Kardashian​ and her hubby Bruce Jenner have been very public about their plastic surgery procedures as well.

According to, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is vocal about her cosmetic enhancements. She underwent a breast reduction and also admitted to having an eye lift and Botox injections in 2008. Three years later, she had an eye lift and more Botox. She's also shed some weight recently, and while she hasn't said so, some are speculating that she may have plastic surgery to thank for that, too.