Rumors Swirl About Lady Gaga’s Rhinoplasty

Did Lady Gaga get rhinoplasty?
Did Lady Gaga get rhinoplasty?

When Lady Gaga burst onto the music scene several years ago, what captivated audiences was most wasn't her awesome beats, but rather her unique look. Mama Monster's style goes beyond the funky and bizarre outfits she wears – the star's physical attributes were far from normal compared to other contemporary pop stars like Katy Perry or Demi Lovato. There was one feature in particular that stuck out – Gaga's nose.

While Gaga has been vocal about embracing her own appearance, some fans are beginning to wonder if the songstress recently underwent plastic surgery, according to Belfast Telegraph. The rumors began following Gaga's June appearance at the Gay Pride Rally in New York City. Fans and photogs at the event commented that her nose looked decidedly slimmer than it has in the past. Several months ago, Gag took time of from performing to undergo hip surgery. Is it possible that she used her hospital stay as an opportunity to change her look through rhinoplasty surgery?

Fans aren't the only ones who think they have witnessed a change in the "Born This Way" singer. According to the news source, a licensed plastic surgery told Look Magazine that he also noticed a difference.

"It seems from the pictures that Lady Gaga's nose was wider before, the bridge of her nose had a bump and she had a so-called 'boxy' nose tip," he said, quoted by the news source.  "Looking at the recent pictures of Lady Gaga, we can see a straightened and slimmer nose, as well as a pointed, defined and lifted nose tip. She may have undergone rhinoplasty."

Many people undergo nose surgery every year in order to make the exact sorts of changes outlined by the doctor above. According to the Mayo clinic, this cosmetic procedure can shorten or lengthen the nose, as well as alter its contour or the size of the nostrils. Those who would like the tip of their nose to be lifted or more defined can also speak to a top cosmetic surgeon about rhinoplasty options. 

As with any plastic surgery procedure, it's important that you have a thorough consultation with your doctor prior to the day of surgery, during which time he or she will analyze your features and lay out your options.